Ecommerce Websites in Nepal

Nepal has come a long way since the early days of Ecommerce website development. We now have hundreds of Ecommerce websites in Nepal. As a result, determining the finest Ecommerce websites in Nepal might be difficult.

Having said that, we are aware of a few e-commerce websites that are among the top. Daraz and Sastodeal are two of these names. These names are, in fact, among the greatest ecommerce websites in Nepal. What about other e-commerce platforms?

This is exactly what we will be discussing today. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

1) Daraz

Alexa Rank Nepal: 8 

Category: Multi-Vendor 

Mobile App: Yes

Daraz is without a doubt one of Nepal’s most popular e-commerce platforms. This is a well-known online ecommerce retail platform that was established in 2012. This website deserves to be dubbed the finest multi-vendor e-commerce website in Nepal, with thousands of visits each day and hundreds of sales. 

2) HamroBazar

Alexa Rank Nepal: 46

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: Yes

Hamrobazar is a well-known online shopping platform in Nepal, and this website allows almost anybody to purchase and sell things. It’s simple to use and user-friendly, and if you look around long enough, you’ll uncover some amusing things.

3) Thulo

Alexa Rank Nepal:164

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: Yes

Thulo, as the name implies, is a large e-commerce website that offers a vast choice of items for almost anything you need. This contains anything from staff health goods to fashion and gadgets.

4) Sastodeal

Alexa Rank Nepal: 209

Category: Muti vendor 

Mobile App: Yes

As the name implies, Sastodeal is a site where you can get anything you need at a reduced price. You can get anything you need here, from groceries to books and electronics. Our website has the potential to grow in rank in the near future, and with some time and a little shift in trend, it might very well reach the top of our list.

5) Dealayo

Alexa Rank Nepal: 467

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: No

Despite the lack of mobile applications, this online shopping site remains one of the greatest e-commerce platforms in Nepal. This website, like Sastodeal, is all about giving the finest bargains on everyday necessities and electronics.

6) OkDam

Alexa Rank Nepal: 578

Category: Electronics and Hardware

Mobile App: yes

OkDam has a smaller niche than the other online retail platforms. However, it is one of Nepal’s top e-commerce sites. They carry some of the greatest technology and hardware in Nepal, as well as apparel and a variety of wellness goods.

7) Foodmandu

Alexa Rank Nepal: 864

Category: Food

Mobile App: Yes

This e-commerce website is all about food, as the name implies. You may get the tastiest dishes from a diverse menu at your leisure and at reasonable pricing.

8) Smartdoko

Alexa Rank Nepal: 1006

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: Yes

Smartdoko is another e-commerce site that contains almost everything. This website is straightforward to use, offers a large selection of things to pick from, and has an easy sorting mechanism. This online shopping site in Nepal, like others, may quickly reach the top with the appropriate turn of trend. 

9) Gyapu

Alexa Rank Nepal: 1065

Category: Multi-vendor

Mobile App: Yes

Gyapu is all we’ve discussed but with the extra bonus of online incentives. Along with the standard services and a wide range of product options, you can easily become a seller. 

10) Socheko 

Alexa Rank Nepal: 1273

Category: Lifestyle and appliances

Mobile App: Yes

Socheko is an e-commerce site that caters to a more specific market. Another difference between Socheko and other online shopping portals is that Socheko does not offer low pricing but rather high quality. 

11) Mero Kirana

Alexa Rank Nepal: 1946

Category: Grocery and lifestyle

Mobile App: Yes

This e-commerce website focuses on local grocery items, as the name implies. You may get almost anything for everyday use, and this Nepalese e-commerce site is simply an online replica of your local huge grocery shop.

12) Bhojdeals

Alexa Rank Nepal: 2529

Category: Grocery and food

Mobile App: Yes

Bhojdeals is a Nepalese e-commerce website that offers the finest food and grocery deals. Although Bhojdeals is now ranked lower on the list, it only needs a slight push and the correct trend to become one of the best. 

13)  Onlinesathi

Alexa Rank Nepal: 3249

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: No

Except for a few flaws, this e-commerce website is rather good. However, because this e-commerce business is still in its early stages, there is plenty of space for development. With these few exclusions, it boasts a diverse product offering and almost everything is available. 

14) Muncha

Alexa Rank Nepal: 3275

Category: Multi-vendor

Mobile App: No

Muncha is another fantastic e-commerce website on this list that is still in its early stages. Having said that, this e-commerce company has already amassed a sizable following and is a popular alternative for purchasing presentation items.

15) Meroshopping

Alexa Rank Nepal:

Category: Multi-Vendor

Mobile App: Yes (Beta)

This is one of Nepal’s most popular e-commerce sites, however, it is inexplicably ranked lower on this ranking. This e-commerce website offers a good selection of items, is simple to use, and all it needs is the proper moment to rise to the top of this list of Nepal’s greatest e-commerce sites.

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